More than a simple robot


More than a simple robotMore than a simple robot

- An autonomous wire-guided robot that navigates from one building to the other between the ration preparation station and the distribution areas
- An electrical and silent distribution wagon powered by a highly autonomous battery
- Programmable distribution and scraping cycles
- Possibility to move up slopes with a gradient of 10%

An accurate and homogeneous ration distribution

- A separate weighing system
- A right/left distribution conveyor
- Every feed distribution area corresponds to a feed lot preset beforehand


SCRAPING: Programming of the feed scraper (right or left) is possible before or independently of the distribution.

SECURITY of the feed distribution wagon:
- Front and back bumpers with instantaneous stop in the event of detected obstacles to ensure optimal safety
- Light and sound warning signals during the motion of the distributor


A specially designed user-friendly control panel

- Full setup of the Supervision software on PC, duplicated on a smart phone app
- Staggered distribution and feed distribution controlled by the farmer
- Full control over the ration preparation (accurate quantity, loading order, cutting speed, mixing time, multi-sequence,...)
- Precise management of the refusals
- Scraping programming
- Remote control with warning alerts sent to PC and smart phone
- Continuous information on the available stock


Assistance and technical support

- Possible assistance by remote login by our engineers for all interventions 7 days a week
- Interventions guaranteed by our network of dealers for all mechanical / electrical parts 7 days a week
- Regular control visits included in contract