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A recognised innovation


The feeding robot JEANTIL Automatic Feeding is a highly fexible system composed of:

- a stationary plant for preparing the mixtures;
- a user-friendly control station
- an autonomous robot that is able, once loaded by the conveyor, to distribute along the feed alleys

=> Highly precise feeding
=> Cost-effectivness and modularity
=> Time and energy savings
=> Hotline and service 7 days a week

JEANTIL Automatic Feeding stood out at the 2013 SIMA Innovation Awards and was awarded a silver medal.

JEANTIL Automatic Feeding stood out at the 2013 SIMA Innovation Awards and was awarded a silver medal.



- the plant is established near the storage area, easy access thanks to the distribution wagon R4D4 and its ability to move;
- scalable system for the farm (preparation unit, silo and animals/milking)
- possibility to prepare a mixture for manual distribution to another place;
- products are placed inside the units, therefore no need to sweep the floor when reload is made;
- intrusion detection system inside the units for the safety of persons.



- can move on slopes with a gradient of 10% on concrete;
- no obstacles for cleaning the alleys, guidance system set in the ground;
- less than 2 hours of distribution per day, strong growth potential for the cattle;
- limited opening of the building doors (intrusion of starlings)
- wagon that ensures a regular distribution with a homogeneous mixture;
- silent distribution wagon


CONTROL OF JEANTIL Automatic Feeding

- software monitoring the whole system
- multiple rations and distribution controlled by the farmer;
- total control on the prepartion of the rations (accurate quantities, loading sequence, cutting time, cutting speed, mixing time, multi-sequence,...);
- accurate management of refusals;
- scheduled scraping
- remote control;
- continuous information on available stock
- open access to statistical data export