Dumping compressors


Dumping compressorsThe dumpers of the Jeantil range are pre-equipped to receive a dumping compressor from the GM 100 to 240 and from the TP 12 to 22. Compressors: 35LC (57l/min ; tank 35L), 45LC (57l/min ; tank 45L), 55LC (85l/min ; tank 55L), 70LC (57l/min ; tank 70L), 90LC (85l/min ; tank 90L), 80LC (60l/min ; tank 80L), or by flexible hydraulic drive (60l/min ; tank 45L), dumping compass as an option on the GM 210 and 240 and on the TP 18 and 22.

Dumping system compressor


Pre-outfitting for compressor