10 years of certified spreading


10 years of certified spreadingThe most demanding European certification for spreading quality:
• Control on spread quantities - regular output
• Spreading performance with 3 qualities of manure*
• In compliance with the standard EN 790

* certified spreading on EPAN 5 EVR with compost (from 5 to 25 tonnes per hectare), manure (from 10 to 30 tonnes per hectare) and poultry manure (at 2,7 tonnes per hectare).

Since 2004, JEANTIL has striven and committed itself to protect the environment thanks to the DLG Signum test certification.

Thanks to this certification, JEANTIL is the leader on spreaders with vertical screw beaters in France and on export market.


Accurate control with SMART Control

Accurate control with SMART Control


DLG Signum test certification on EVR spreaders equipped with EPAN 5 vertical screw beaters:

Spreading certification:
- control on the quality of lengthwise and transverse spreading
- control on the spreading quality with several products and several tonnages

Certification of the spreader:
- chassis and structure of the spreader tested on a ring at 40 km/h
(no deformation or crack allowed)

Transverse spreading chart on EPAN 5 EVR spreader (vertical screw beaters)
Product: cattle manure at 30 tonnes per hectare



EPAN 5 spreading system:

2 vertical screw beaters, diameter 800 mm
2 discs, diameter 840 mm
Flat and paddle fingers for an optimal crumbling and regularity according to the spread product.

Higher screw beater for straw manure as an option.
Hardox screw beater for intensive use as an option.


EPAN 5: vertical screw beaters on EVR


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